A bachelor of laws is an LLB. LLB is an undergraduate degree in law, which is a body of laws and regulations that govern how any community or state must conduct its affairs. A bachelor’s degree in law is given for completing a legal course or programme.
LLB is a three-year programme.
after receiving any graduate degree, you can.

LLB Eligibility Requirements :-

Students who want to enrol in the LLB programme must have received at least 45% on their class 12 (any stream) final exam from a recognised examining body. LLB students must also pass the relevant entrance exam in order to enrol in the programme.
Students must obtain their 12th grade diploma in order to pursue an LLB. After completing your 12th grade year, you can study law for five years.
Students need a graduate degree in order to enrol in a three-year LLB programme.
In India, there is no upper age limit for studying law.
IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE scores are required for international study.
A passing score on the Law National Aptitude Test (LNAT) is essential for admission to the legal studies programme.


  • Must have received a minimum GPA of 45% in order to graduate.
  • It is not necessary to take a specific subject in the twelfth grade in order to pursue LLB; any subject may be chosen instead.
  • Like Arts, Commerce, PCM, or PCB, however if a student If you always intended to practise law, you ought to major in the arts.
  • This course is available to those who want to pursue law after earning a B.Com, BBA, B.Sc., or B-Tech degree.
  • Although the course in law is likewise five years long, students are less likely to ENROLL in it, thus the court chooses only three years in order to get a better perspective on each field.
  • Some students pursue LLM in addition to LLB. This course is Post-LLB.
  • Students who choose a five-year programme are taught Integrated Law.
  • After completing five years of study, whether for a BA-LLB, BBA-LLB, B.Com in LLB, etc.
  • The BA-LLB programme lasts 10 semesters and is completed after 12.
  • The total cost of the training is INR 2.40 lakhs.
  • After beginning the degree, LLB is completed after 6 semesters. The entire training costs INR 1.60 lakh.
  • Together with understanding what LLB is, be familiar with the following course categories.
  • Different LLB Courses Duration BBA 5 years of LLB LLB 5 years BSc LLB 5 years.


Together with understanding what LLB is, one also needs to be familiar with the following skills:
  • Case Tracking
  • Business Understanding
  • Time Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Academic Prowess
  • Legal Analysis and Research
  • Self-Assurance and Tenacity
  • Remain Patient


Knowing the specialization is crucial to study LLB. Below is a list of LLB specializations to aid you in your study.
  1. Tax law
  2. Family law
  3. Evidence law
  4. Environmental law
  5. Administrative law
  6. Intellectual property law
  7. International law and human rights
  8. Writing about finance and criminal law

Best LLB Career Possibilities in India for a Career After Law:

These are some of the most popular LLB careers that will be in great demand in this time. If you’re wondering what to do after LLB:
  • Litigation Attorney
  • Corporate Counselor
  • Cyber law
  • Business law
  • Company secretary
  • Civil services & lawyer
  • Judicial service
  • Criminal lawyer
  • Corporate lawyer
  • Legal analyst
  • Academic and research
  • Human rights
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