NEET 2023 Exam Preparation Dos and Don’ts


Create a study timetable

To manage your time and stay on track, a well-organized study schedule is
essential. Regular Practise is essential for success in NEET. As many questions as you can from different sources should be Practised.

Clarify your ideas

Before trying harder questions, make sure you understand the fundamentals. Solve previous exam papers to gain a understanding of the exam format, the types of questions asked, and the scoring methodology. To keep focused and minimise burnout ,take regular breaks.

Maintain your health by taking good care of your body and mind. Eat wholesome food obtain regular exercise and ample sleep.

Remain Inspired

Remain inspired and maintain a positive outlook on your academics.


Don’t put off your studies by putting them off. Start your planning early to avoid stress at the last minute.

Don’t overwork oneself by taking on too many subjects or too much reading material. Prioritize quality over quantity.

Distractions like social media, television, and video games should be avoided while you are studying.

Don’t disregard your areas of weakness. Identif your weakness areas and try to improve them.

Don’t cram your studies, please. Instead of remembering the principles, concentrate on understanding them.

Cheating is prohibited both during exam preparation and on test day. Cheating won’t help your career prospects at all.

Don’t give up

If you experience setbacks or challenges during your preparation, keep trying.

Continue to be inspired and to attempt.

What are some mistakes to avoid when Getting ready for NEET 2023?


Postponing your education is one of the biggest blunders students make when getting ready for the NEET. A backlog of work brought on by procrastination may become daunting and distressing. To prevent making this error, it’s critical to get a head start and maintain a regular study routine.

Not Using NCERT Textbooks

The NCERT textbooks serve as the NEET exam’s foundation. Before going on to more complex textbooks, students should avoid disregarding them and make sure they comprehend all the topics in the NCERT books.

Overemphasizing Memory

Understanding concepts and their applications is more important than
memorization for NEET. As the exam gauges how well they understand the material, students should avoid memorising facts and instead concentrate on understanding the concepts.

Not Enough Practise

Practicing is key to passing the NEET exam. To become comfortable with the exam format, students should not skip practise sessions where they solve sample papers, mock tests, and question sets from prior years.

Ineffective Time Management

Planning for the NEET requires good time management. Instead of wasting time on pointless things, students should concentrate on their education. To properly manage their time, they should set priorities for their studies and create a study plan.

Neglecting Health

Students may overlook their health as a result of the stress of preparing for the NEET. By eating a good diet, getting enough sleep, and taking moments to unwind and recharge, it’s crucial to take care of your physical and mental health.

Not Asking for Help

If students run into any problems when studying for the test, they should not be
afraid to ask their teachers or peers for assistance. To clear up their questions and strengthen their comprehension of the topics, they can also turn to internet resources or coaching facilities for assistance.

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